June 18, 2010

Newsletters That Sell

Most prospects will not respond to an advertising message until the seventh or more touch. For many businesses, traditional methods of advertising are simply too expensive. When done properly, email newsletters are an effective marketing tool that can help a business, generate sales leads, boost direct sales, and gain referrals form existing customers

Publishing Newsletters That Are Read
  • Publish the newsletter on a frequent and scheduled cycle.
  • Use a professional design.
  • Focus articles on customers/prospect needs not your business.
  • Offer work-related news.
  • Report prices and/or sales.
  • Inform readers about personal interests/hobbies.
  • Inform readers about events/deadlines/important dates.
  • Use customers’ names and faces—tell their stories, ideas, etc.
Leveraging Your Printed Newsletter

Do more than just mailing your newsletter; consider the following to boost your newsletter's effectiveness:
  • Send to new contacts.
  • Display it in reception area.
  • Display in your referral partners reception area.
  • Hand out copies at seminars and exhibits.
  • Send the newsletter with proposals.
  • Submit newsletter articles for publication in local publications and other association newsletters.
Building Your Mailing List

Mailing your newsletter to customers and prospects that are familiar with your business shows a greater return on investment than buying a list of strangers. Build your mailing list based on current and former clients, prospects, referral sources, staff, and association/trade group board members or newsletter editors related to your business niche.

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