June 21, 2010

Postcards That Reach Your Customers

Direct mail pieces, such as post cards, are cost effective marketing tools that reach your target audience directly. Unlike newspaper adverting, your have a better chance of your prospects seeing your ad and can easily track the results of your campaign. Direct mail pieces are versatile. In a single mailing you can seek business from prospective customers, and solicit repeat business from existing customers.

Creating Postcards That Are Kept
Effective postcards offer useful snippets of information that your target audience will hold onto or use to redeem your service. In fact, when done properly, your prospects will not only collect your postcards, but will also look forward to receiving them. Successful post cards will focus on a particular theme for the calendar year. Themes include:
  • How To
  • Tips
  • Did You Know
  • Invitations
  • Reminders
  • Maintenance Schedules/Calendars
  • Sale Announcements
  • Coupons/Discounts
  • Recipes/Mini Menus
  • Thank You
  • Contests

Planning Your Postcards

A business that customers hear from is one that they will keep in mind and keep doing business with. Like any other marketing campaign, sending postcards to your customer and prospect list is not a one-time event. If postcard marketing is the only vehicle you are using to connect with your customers, you should consider a minimum of four mailings and ideally up to 12 mailings per year.

Designing Your Post Cards
  • Avoid using too much information.
  • Remember the back of the card is just as important as the front.
  • Make a dated offer tied to only one service.
  • Focus on one Unique Selling Proposition or a single benefit.
  • Include your company’s contact information.
  • Use front left of card for a testimonial when appropriate.

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