June 25, 2010

Telling Your Story with a Case Study

Why Case Studies

A case study provides concrete examples of how well your product and services work. Since they are told from the perspective of a customer you helped, it allows readers to easily identify with the the problems and solutions you are presenting.

Anatomy of an Effective Case Study
  • Introduction: Present your customer. Provide a brief background history on you customer. Describe the solutions they provide to their customers.
  • Challenge: Describe your customers problem. List the pain points that lead them to seek a new solution. Explain why the products or services they currently rely on no longer work. State the goals a new solution must achieve.

  • Investigation: Describe the products or services your customer investigated. Discuss why each product or service did not meet their needs.
  • Solution: Describe your product or service. Discuss specifically how your solution addressed your customers pain points and needs.
  • Results: Describe the impact of your solution on your customer. Discuss how your solution helped your customer meet their goals.

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