June 14, 2010

Get the Word Out With Postcard Newsletters

Postcards are an ideal vehicle for sending short bits of news to your mailing list on a frequent basis. Unlike their traditional 8.5 x 11 counterparts, postcard newsletters are less expensive, quick reads, and easy to carry and pass on to others.

When designing your postcard newsletter, take full advantage of both sides of the postcard. Ideally your font size should be 12 points and no less than 10 points for optimum readability. Even if you are using a 4.25 X 6 postcard, you can fit about 80 to 100 words on the back/address label side along with your contact information, and about 100 to 125 words on the front/picture side along with a masthead.

Keep your content short and to the point. Either focus on one specific topic, or include short snippets of information such as tips, statistics, customer Q&As, customer profiles, customer feedback, company/staff news, product/service updates, etc.

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elaine@efgpublishing.com said...

Hi Anna --

Nice article on postcard newsletters. With so many online print services that will address postcards automatically, it's easy to put these together with minimum "administrivia." Postcards are also a great high-touch companion to email newsletters.

Thank you for mentioning my book, too :)


Anna M. Roman-Mercado said...

Thank you Elaine. Finding helpful resources on postcard marketing is tough. I was glad to find your book!

Sue said...

This is a great idea, and with postcards being a tiny bit cheaper in mailing, it's a smart marketing endevour. I have seen several of these done as promotional items as well, they have cut outs that if you bring it to a trade show booth, it is your entrance to a drawing.

Anna M. Roman-Mercado said...

Great idea to promote traffic to your trade booth. I also like the idea of using postcards as mini brochures for trade shows. They focus on a single topic/product and allow the reader to get key messages at a glance.